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A number of puzzles have member-contributed solutions linked at the end. If you would like to do the same, you have two options:

1. Send an email to ned@nedbatchelder.com with your solution.

2. Make a pull request against this repo. Make a directory named after yourself in the "solutions" directory. For example it might be the "solutions/pat" directory. Put you solution in that directory, for example, "solutions/pat/blockparty.py". The exact filename doesn't matter, but it needs to be meaningful so you can make a link.

Then add a link to the end of the appropriate puzzle page. The general form of the link is:


for example,


You have to put the link at the bottom of the page with some HTML around it, like this:

<li>Pat Smiths's solution is <a href="https://github.com/BostonPython/puzzles/blob/gh-pages/solutions/pat/blockparty.py">blockparty.py</a></li>

<p>If you have a solution you'd like to share see the <a href="solutions.html">Solutions page</a> for instructions.</p>

Yes, this is a pain. If you have a better idea, drop me a line at ned@nedbatchelder.com, maybe we'll do it your way!